Anno 1972

These are notes from my own study of the timeline of emerging liberation theologies alongside other decolonial projects. It’s a work in progress, helping me to delineate who said what and when, and how the ideas and practice deepened and widened in conversations.

The year 1972.


  1. Publications
  2. Conferences
  3. Biographical Notes
  4. Background Information


  • Berrigan, Daniel – American is Hard to Find (USA)
  • Bloch, Ernst – Atheism in Christianity: The Religion of the Exodus and of the Kingdom. trans. J.T. Swann. (Germany)
  • Boff, Leonardo – Jesus Christ: Liberator (Brazil)
  • Buthelezi, Manas – “An African Theology or a Black Theology” (South Africa)
  • Cobb, John, Jr. – Is It Too Late? A Theology of Ecology. Bruce Publishing, California. (USA)
  • Cone, James H. – The Spiritual and the Blues: An Interpretation.. (USA)
  • Daly, Mary – “A Call for the Castration of Sexist Religion” in The Unitarian Universalist Christian 27
  • Kappen, Sebastian – Vswasathaninnu Viplavathilekku (in Malayalam, English: From Faith to Revolution)
  • Lima, Amoroso Alceu – Testimony: On the influence of Maritain in Latin America. NEW SCHOLASTICISM vol. 46 (Brazil)
  • Motlhabi, Mokgethi, ed. – Essays on Black Theology (includes the Buthelezi paper above)
    What else? (South Africa)
  • Rivera-Pagan, Luis – “Teología y praxis de liberación” and Aportes del Marxismo” in Pueblo oprimido, señor de la historia. Montevideo: Tierra Nueva.
  • Ruether, Rosemary R. – Liberation Theology (USA)
  • Washington, Joseph R. – Black Sects and Cults (USA)


  • Christians for Socialism – “Final Document of the Convention” (April 30, 1972)
  • Boff, Leonardo – “Toward a Christology of Liberation” (1972)


  • UGA/Africa: Conference on “African Theology and Church Life” at Makerere University
  • Christians for Socialism

Biographical Notes:

  • John Mbiti becomes Visiting Professor at Union Theological Seminary, New York City, for the academic year of 1972-1973.

Background Information:


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