Anno 1967

These are notes from my own study of the timeline of emerging liberation theologies alongside other decolonial projects. It’s a work in progress, helping me to delineate who said what and when, and how the ideas and practice deepened and widened in conversations.

The year 1967.


  1. Publications
  2. Conferences
  3. Biographical Notes
  4. Background Information


  • Carmichael, Stokely & Charles V. Hamilton – Black Power: The Politics of Black Liberation
  • King, Martin L., Jr. – Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community? New York, NY: Harper & Row Publishers
  • (Pope) Paul VI – Populorum Progressio (On the development of peoples)
  • Third World Bishops – “A Letter to the Peoples of the Third World” (August 15, 1967)
  • Latin American Priests – “Populorum Progressio and Latin American Realities” (November 1967)


Biographical Notes:

Background Information:

  • Ernesto “Che” Guevara is capture by Bolivian special forces, executed on October 9, 1967 in La Higuera, Bolivia.


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