Non Solo Possible means “not only possible” and comes from the Indian author, Arundhati Roy. NSP is all about liberation and contextual theologies. My main interests are in the emergence of liberation theologies in the 1960s and 1970s into the present. The contents of this site are my background research for a forthcoming book on the historic debates that took place in those decades between the theologians of various liberationist perspectives, speaking out of their own contexts. These debates continue today as we become more aware of our blind spots and the realities that others live.

My thing on the side is biblical studies. I’m fascinated by the history of the biblical texts, and the communities behind them. So there’s space on here for some of that research too. I hope you’ll find some of what’s on here useful for you own study. Hit me at a.j.holmes.brown [at] gmail.com if you have questions. My bio and CV is down the bottom of this page. [Photo by G. Matthews, RIP]

Latest: Follow the work of NSP here for ongoing research into liberation theologies and biblical studies in a contextual key.

Timeline Project: Trace the moments and movements that gave rise to liberation theologies around the world.

Biographies: Profiles of the liberation theologians, from the first generation until now, from the Third World and the First.

Literature Review: Going into the books and articles and edited volumes that carried (and carry still) the liberationist ideas into the mainstream.

Biblical Studies: Dedicated to Historical Critical studies and liberationist hermeneutics.

Curriculum Vitae: Some more stuff about more stuff I do …

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