Anno 1974

These are notes from my own study of the timeline of emerging liberation theologies alongside other decolonial projects. It’s a work in progress, helping me to delineate who said what and when, and how the ideas and practice deepened and widened in conversations.

The year 1974.


  1. Publications
  2. Conferences
  3. Biographical Notes
  4. Background Information


  • Appiah-Kubi, Kofi – “Why African Theology?” AACC Bulletin 7/4 (July-Aug) (Africa)
  • Berrigan, Daniel – Lights On In The House of the Dead (USA)
  • Bosch, David J. – “Currents and Crosscurrents in South African Black Theology…”
  • Brown, John McAfee – Christian Institute of Southern Africa vs. The State
  • Daly, Mary – God Is A Verb
  • Fashole-Luke, Edward W., & Mark E. Glasswell, eds. – New Testament Christianity for Africa and the World: Essays in Honor of Harry Sawyer, London: SPCK (Africa/Sierra Leone/
  • Freire, Paulo – Education: The Practice of Freedom is translated from the Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Hoornaert, Eduardo – A Fé Popular no Nordeste. Pesquisa do Instituto de Teologia do Recife. Salvador: Editora Beneditina LTDA, 1974
  • Martín-Baró, Ignacio – “Elementos de Concientización socio-política en los curricula de las universidades”
  • Mbiti, John – “An African Views American Black Theology”, Worldview
  • Miranda, Jose P. – Marx and the Bible is translated from the Spanish
  • Mugambi, Jesse – WSCF Dossier No. 5, June: “Liberation and Theology”
  • Ruether, Rosemary Radford – Faith and Fratricide: The Theological Roots of Antisemitism (USA)
  • Todaro, M. – The Politicization of the Brazilian Catholic Church (Brazil)
  • Tutu, Desmond – Interview: “African and Black Theologies” AACC Bulletin 7/4 (Jul/Aug) (South Africa)
  • Tutu, Desmond – “Black Theology” Frontier, Summer 1974
  • Claude Geffre – “A prophetic Theology” (1974)


  • ZMB/Africa: 3rd Assembly of the All Africa Conference of Churches, in Lusaka, Zambia, in May, 1974. Cf. The Journal of Religious Thought; The Struggle Continues / “African Theology: Origin, Methodology, Content”, Kwesi Dickson
  • GHA/Africa: Consultation on Africa and Black Theology, in Accra, Ghana, in December, 1974. Cf. The Journal of Religious Thought 32, No. 2 (Fall-Winter, 1975) →
    (Is this the meeting at GIMPA? 
  • USA/Americas: “The Future of Missions in Africa”, International Round Table, at Princeton University, in April, 1974. Cf. O.U Kalu in African Theology En Route for the reference.

Biographical  Notes

Historical Background


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