This site is for the study of theologies of liberation. It is the note-taking and background work of a student of the history. It’s the sourcing and resourcing of an ongoing thesis that Alexander Jordan Holmes-Brown is working on. Really, it is me putting my notepads and highlighter pens up here for you to share in. Maybe it’s of some use in your own research.

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Timeline Project

Part of my work is delineating temporally the emergence of movements through the appearance of works, the meeting of minds, the historical moments that impressed themselves on liberation theology advocates transforming that history through words and actions in solidarity with suffering communities.

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Timeline Project

Here I attempt to map out what was going on over the years. For the work I’m writing I found it useful to delineate it (or re-lineate it, I guess), so as to see who was saying what first, how folx influenced each other, where they came together, and all the strands that joined in the creation of this thing we call liberation theology, and liberation theologies in the plural.

For more on the project, and all the years covered, click Roots and Routes. Each page is comment-able. Let me know what I’m missing! This is an ongoing project.

Biblical Studies

Here I’m gonna start linking to the best in decolonizing Biblical Studies. But as of right now, this is still in the sketchbooks. Watch this space.

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