The 1970s

The decade of the 1970s is the decade of Liberation Theology. In the first years, tipping over from the sixties’ earliest formulations, were the publication major texts in Latin American, Black, and Feminist Liberation Theologies which coincided then to make a new season in the global church. By the end of the decade Liberation Theology in all its forms were increasingly in dialogue with one another, and in dialogue with an ever-increasing array of the social sciences, popular movements, church traditions, and biblical texts. So if for James Cone it was Martin, Malcolm, and Baldwin who were essentially pillars of Black Theologising, alongside older roots of the Spirituals and the Blues, so it was for any theologian worth their political salt to now at least engage with the figure of Liberation Theology.

In Latin America the 1970s was the decade of the national security states, dictatorship and repression. The era of disappearances and death squads that would last well into the 1980s. It was a decade marked by the assassination of low and high-ranking clergy. Liberation Theology had become enemy of the state, from Washington D.C. to Buenos Aires.

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