Bible Studies

As with this whole site, I hope these Bible Studies will be of some usefulness to other students as they grapple with the Jewish and Christian scriptures for themselves.

Here I start at the Book of Genesis and work towards the Book of Revelation. That is not the order I will write in, necessarily, but how it will be set out here. So if you are looking for something in The Psalms, say, or in 2 Maccabees, just scroll down and see if I have had the time yet to cover it. Please comment suggestions if there is a Biblical story you want treated here. And I’m always keen to read other people’s work, so let me know what you are working on, how you see things.

Each section starts with a Bibliography. Underneath are articles either written by myself or pinched from elsewhere for their relevance to my own study.

Alexander Jordan Holmes-Brown


Genesis: A Bibliography

Gen. 16 and Gen. 20

Texts of Terror, Episode 1: Sarah’s Slave, Abraham’s Survivor

Texts of Terror, Episode 2: Sodom’s Rapists, Lot’s Daughters

Hajar: of the desert by Amina Wadud



Matthew 1:1-17 … Decolonising a Genealogy





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