Global Voices

Here are some thinkers, activists, theologians and ministers from around the globe. They bring to faith different perspectives informed by the tasks in front of them. There words and lives teach us to decolonize, to resist, to fight and to read in the service of freedom. They teach us about what Christianity (and other beliefs and practices) means in different places, especially in places where class, race, gender, sexual oppressions persist. They do not all agree with each other, and represent a wide range of doctrines and world-views, but perhaps it is in challenging oppression that they all have something in common. As teachers in their own communities they are also teachers for us who are learning to regard each other and work together in the cause of human and planetary freedom.

All of our perspectives are, firstly, local — all theology and social thought is contextual — but these voices each make a point of being contextual, knowingly context bound, focussed on transforming injustice into justice. They do not claim to speak for everybody everywhere but seek to transform the globe. They do not make lofty proposals of universally relevant methods and goals for theology and ministry; rather they speak honestly from a life dedicated to building freedom in the face of oppression. Some have even given there life, along with many other unnamed martyrs.

These pages are designed as a resource for students, teachers, activists and others seeking to learn more from their global neighbours and join the struggle for equality, love, justice, peace and hope for all of us.

Click the drop down menu to be introduced to just some of the brilliant thinker-activists from the Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania as well as Europe.