1971, Daniel Berrigan is underground. Geography of Faith.

Berrigan, Daniel & Robert Coles (USA), Geography of Faith: Conversations Between Daniel Berrigan, When Underground, and Robert Coles. Boston: Beacon Press, 1971
Robert Coles had visited the U.S. Catholic Peace Movement leaders Philip Berrigan and David Eberhardt in Lewisburg Federal Prison, where they were in solitary confinement: pressure, they alleged, put on them in order to flush out Daniel Berrigan who was still underground. Two weeks before Daniel Berrigan’s capture, Coles met with the priest and began a series of recorded conversations. Those conversations are recorded in Geography of Faith.

The conversation continued into Daniel Berrigan’s imprisonment in Danbury. Coles took an editorial hand to the conversations but reported that Berrigan “had ‘no reservations at all’ about sending the manuscripts to the publisher” … H/T Thomas Jeannot’s chapter, “Berrigan Underground”, in James L. Marsh and Anna J. Brown’s (eds.) Faith, Resistance, and the Future: Daniel Berrigan’s Challenge to Catholic Social Thought (New York: Fordham, 2012). Jeannot also points us to the interesting fact that “[m]eanwhile […] the conversations between Berrigan and Coles were serialized in the New York Review of Books in 1971 and Time Magazine ran an excerpt from that series in its March 22, 1971 edition”

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