George Casalis

george casalis


Name: George Casalis

D.O.B: 04.Jan.1917
P.O.B: Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, France
D.O.D: 16.Jan.1987
P.O.D: Managua, Nicaragua

Religious Affiliation: Protestant (Reformed, Evangelical)
General Secretary of Student Christian Movement (SCM): 1940
Military Chaplaincy in Germany: 1945-1946
Pastoring in Strasbourg: 1950
Mission to Algeria: 1957
Teaching in Paris: 1960-1973
Joined Christian Peace Conference (CFK): 1964-1968
Resigned CFK over Prague Spring attack: 1968
Presides of Solidarity Committee, Nicaragua: 1983

Major Fields: Liberation Theology, Karl Barth biography, anti-Fascism

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I'm a writer and youth worker based in Perth, Western Australia. I study theology and politics, desiring to be conscious and critical of power, inequality and violence. Liberation Theologies and Postcolonial Studies inform my work and my thinking. My mind is stimulated by relationships, books, films, history, social theorising, poetry, especially hip-hop, and the community in which I work. I write from Perth, the "Swan River Colony", and thus on colonised Noongar-Whadjuk land. Much of where I live is virtually segregated. I commit to working for a reconciliation based on justice, reparations, self-determination and dialogue within every area of my professional and social life. A recent diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrom explains a whole lot about any interests or insights I have. I'm coming to grips with ASD through this blog. Taking a postcolonial critique to "neurotypical normativity" and the demonisation and misunderstanding of "neurodiversity" is probably where I'll take my study and work in the future. One day I dream of teaching at a university, but life will bring what it will.

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